Athletes, Parents, and Friends of NHHS Softball:

Please mark your calendars for a NHHS Softball field work day. We want to make the softball field look sharp for our girls during the 2018 season. This field work day is a first step to meeting this goal.

Event to support the Newport Harbor Girls Softball Team

What:     NHHS Softball Field Work Day

When:    Saturday October 21 at 8:30 am to approximately 1 pm

Where:   Newport Harbor Girls softball field

RSVP:    Brad Larkins (949 887-8913) (brad.larkins@gmail.com)

Chris Larkins (949 244-3465) (Christina_larkins@hotmail.com)

Activities and Projects

  1. Trim the bushes along the ENC fence including the bushes over the batting cage.
  2. Bleachers (need a minimum of 6 strong folks to move the bleachers)

–          Move

–          Weed

–          Level

  1. General weeding throughout area.
  2. Clean around the bathroom area.
  3. Clean around the office area
  4. Move gravel from pile to around field and under bleachers.
  5. Fix sunshades in the girl’s dugouts.
  6. Clean and paint backstops
  7. Storage Bin

–          Clean out the storage bin near the boys batting cages

–          Move all equipment from the old storage bin to the storage bin near the boys batting cages

–          Move or remove the old storage bin

Special Project #1

If anyone is a welder or (knows a welder) with a cutting torch. Cutting up the old storage bin would facilitate removal and make room for our new storage shed. Contact Brad if you are interested in this special project.

Special Project  #2

We are looking for an electrician that can install some temporary lights for the batting cage. This will allow our girls mo re batting practice during the short winter days. Contact Brad if you are interested in this project.

More Stuff

Please where work clothes and close toed shoes. Bring water. We will have coffee and muffins in the morning and pizza for lunch. I will send out a list of tools needed later this week.

Questions? Contact Brad Larkins (949 887-8913) (brad.larkins@gmail.com)

Go Sailors!


Date Time
October 21, 2017 8:30 am


Newport Harbor High School
600 Irvine Ave, Newport Beach, CA 92663, USA