Year Player School
2016 Haley Martinez Biola University
2013 Hope Noakes Orange Coast College
2013 Hattie Marshall Concordia University / Sonoma State University
2009 Karina Veit Long Beach City College / Columbia College
2008 Kristin Bassler Orange Coast College
2008 Jane Messersmith Bucknell University
2007 Casey Lucas Iowa Western Junior College
2006 Darci Pennington Orange Coast College
2006 Felicia Leal Orange Coast College
2006 Katie Daniels Vanguard University
2005 Ashley Gleason Dartmouth University
2005 Julianne Bass Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
2003 Athena Vasquez University of Wisconsin
2003 Kim Moore Santa Ana College
2003 Amanda Campbell Boston College / Chapman University
2002 Alizabeth Pfeifer Orange Coast College
2001 Lisa Huntington United States Military Academy



Newport Harbor High School didn’t have much in the way of girls sports until the 1960’s and early 1970’s.  Any girls sports that existed through 1986 were governed by GAA (Girls Athletic Association).  It wasn’t until the 1974-75 school year did Newport Harbor have its first competitive softball teams.  That year, the girls played in the Beach Cities League.  There were two teams made up of 9 seniors, 6 juniors, 9 sophomores, and 5 freshman.  They played 3 practice games against Corona del Mar, Foothill, and Tustin before they began their league season.  The varsity team ended up with a 2 – 5 league record that year.

Since the beginning of the program, Newport Harbor Softball has fielded 2 teams each year:  varsity and JV.  At times there were no more than 9 or 10 girls on a team, but there were always enough players to get through the season.  For the 1975 – 1978 seasons, the yearbook team photos were not taken in any kind of uniform.  The girls wore their own clothes.  Uniforms were standard in the yearbook team photos starting in 1979.   From 1979 through 1989, the uniforms included black pants with various uniform shirts.  Shorts replaced the pants from 1991 through 2004.  Hats were also used instead of visors for several of those years.  Pants once again replaced the shorts for the varsity 2005 season and for the JV 2006 season, with the varsity wearing navy blue and the JV wearing gray.  Uniform shirts have varied from v-neck pullovers of navy blue to baseball style white with blue pinstripes and button down the front.  For the 1999 season, the varsity uniform shirts were sleeveless, white for home games and navy blue for away games.

Sharon Wolfe was one of the senior players on the first team.  She also played field hockey for Newport Harbor and would later be a field hockey coach as well as Newport Harbor Softball’s varsity and JV coach.  Mindy Alford and Lindsay Moore were also former Newport Harbor softball players that later became coaches for Newport Harbor Softball.  Over the years of Newport Harbor Softball, there have been at least 14 different varsity coaches.  The first coach for Newport was Nancy Staub and she held that position for 6 years.  Subsequent varsity coaches were:  Rick Shelton, George Spangler, Tim Parsel, (unknown),  Mike Mullen, Morgan Taylor, Mike Mullen, Frank Talley, Jesse Martinson, Sharon Wolfe, Mike Davis, Zach Reeder, Melissa Branch, Tony Qualin, Russell Hartman, Mike Hunter, Melissa Taravella, and Tom Blanchfield.

Newport Harbor’s first softball field was in the corner by the girls gym and the football weight room.  Eventually, the varsity field moved to the eastern corner of campus.  The varsity outfield fence was replaced in the middle of the 2005 season and moved back about 8 feet.  The JV field was replaced and used by the 2008 JV team starting in April 2008.  In 2001, the team trailer was donated to the softball boosters by a retired Air Force office.  It sat by the ENC fence on the 3rd base side for a couple of years before it was moved to its current location.  Several dads (Joe Gleason, Brian Horn, Mr Martin, and a few others) worked tirelessly to divide it into 2 rooms, get the electrical working, put up the wallboard, add the outside stairs, and paint it.  In the summer of 2006, Jeanine Bass and Becky Pfeifer painted the inside white and added the NH/anchor stencils in the larger room.  Jeff and Jeanine Bass added the white board, the Leader Stat board, and hung all the team photos since 2002.

In 2007 Newport Harbor moved from the Seaview League back to the Sunset League, which has some of the strongest softball teams in the country, including Los Alamitos, who was ranked #1 nationally in 2017.  Newport Harbor Softball has yet to be a powerhouse in Sunset League play.  Some years have been better than others, including 2017, when Newport Harbor beat Corona Del Mar in the Battle of the Bay; but throughout the history of program, learning to compete as a team, continuous mental and physical improvement, and team camaraderie have been important factors.