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NHHS Girls Softball Booster Club
600 Irvine Ave
Newport Beach, CA  92663

Booster Club By-Laws

These by-laws were created from the NHHS Booster Club Handbook. They were made to fit the softball program in 2002/2003 and updated in the Fall of 2012.

The items listed in the Articles below are Newport Harbor Girls Softball Booster Club By-Laws.

ARTICLE 1 – Newport Harbor Girls Softball Booster Club

ARTICLE 2 – Philosophy

Section 1 – The purpose of this organization is to foster community support and financial assistance for Newport Harbor Girls Softball Team.

Section 2 – The club officers and members shall not seek to control the policies of the school, to direct its administrative activities, to dictate program director or coach activities, nor be involved in the selection or retention of any high school employee.

ARTICLE 3 – Membership and Dues

1 – Who may be a member – Parents
2 – Dues – Recommended donations
3 – Inspection rights of members – copies of budget/rosters
4 – Termination of membership – See Booster Club Handbook/Conduct

ARTICLE 4 – Meetings

1 – Conduct of meeting – Agenda
2 – Voting Officers – before softball season ends
3 – Meeting dates, set by Booster President, and times and locations (TBA)
4 – Officers meetings – as needed
5 – Meeting notification – flyers, telephones calls, email, cards, etc

ARTICLE 5 – Rules of Order

1 – Rules of Order reference book – Booster Handbook
2 – Amendment procedure of by-laws – each year, if needed

ARTICLE 6 – Election and Officers

1 – When officers selected – each officer is selected before season ends
2 – How selected/Nominating methods – an officer is Nominate. Each officer position has only two nominate. A vote is counted with each nominate.
3 – Duty period for officers – 2 years term

ARTICLE 7 – Committees

1 – How appointed – by the officers, not the coach
2 – Method of reporting committee activity – attending booster Club meeting or to President

ARTICLE 8 – Endorsements – Donations

Section 1 – The club shall not endorse, nor be endorsed by an agency for profit or personal gain in connection with this organization.

Section 2 – The club shall not endorse any activity, person, or group in connection with political activity.

Section 3 – All intended donations of equipment, funds, or materials are to be approved by the school administration and become property of the school. Booster organizations should not acquire in their own names, ownership of items of a permanent nature. Such items should be donated to the school.

ARTICLE 9 – Record Keeping

1 – Record of all accounts
2 – Meeting minutes
3 – Club Roster
4 – Team – Dinners/Activities

ARTICLE 10 – Financial Regulations

1 – Budget (fiscal year July 1 – June 30)
2 – Monthly Treasurer’s Reports (itemized financial statements)

Booster Club Time Line
This has been the time line used for at least 2001 through 2005 and part of 2006.

Booster Club fiscal year is July 1 through June 30